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This section contains the case studies from various sources.
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List of available sources:
Author Code Title Published Cases count Available on
Dr. Jin Peh JP001 Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Water Charts 2016 108 Amazon
Dr. Jin Peh JP005 Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Metal Charts 2017 1 Amazon
Dr. Jin Peh JP003 Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Fire Charts 2018 108 Amazon
Dr. Jin Peh JP002 Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Wood Charts 2019 108 Amazon
Dr. Jin Peh JP004 Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Earth Charts 2020 1 Amazon
Dr. Jin Peh JP006 Four Pillars of Destiny, Understanding the 60 Personalities 2020 28 Amazon
Data Bank:
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Water Charts
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Tony Romo Sportsman Water,Ex.2.1 甲 子 Follow Resource Tony_Romo Wiki
Alyssa Milano Actress Water,Ex.2.2 甲 申 Follow Resource Alyssa_Milano Wiki
Tracy Austin Sportsman Water,Ex.2.3 甲 申 Follow Resource Tracy_Austin Wiki
Barbara Mandrell Singer Water,Ex.2.4 甲 申 Follow Resource Barbara_Mandrell Wiki
Marion Marechal Le Pen Politician Water,Ex.2.5 甲 辰 Follow Resource Marion_Mar%C3%A9chal Wiki
Rosanna Arquette Actress Water,Ex.2.6 甲 子 Follow Resource Rosanna_Arquette Wiki
Theo James Actor Water,Ex.2.7 甲 申 Follow Resource Theo_James Wiki
Paul Reubens Actor Water,Ex.2.8 乙 巳 Follow Resource Paul_Reubens Wiki
Salma Hayek Actress Water,Ex.2.9 甲 子 Follow Resource Salma_Hayek Wiki
Sarah Brightman Singer Water,Ex.2.10 甲 戌 Follow Resource Sarah_Brightman Wiki
M. Scott Peck Doctor Water,Ex.2.11 甲 辰 Follow Resource M._Scott_Peck Wiki
Julianne Moore Actress Water,Ex.2.12 乙 丑 Follow Resource Julianne_Moore Wiki
Glen Campbell Singer Water,Ex.2.13 甲 戌 Follow Resource Glen_Campbell Wiki
Alan Bond Entrepreneur Water,Ex.2.14 甲 申 Follow Resource Alan_Bond Wiki
Jude Law Actor Water,Ex.2.15 甲 午 Follow Resource Jude_Law Wiki
Oscar de la Renta Couturier Water,Ex.2.16 甲 申 Follow Resource Oscar_de_la_Renta Wiki
Will Arnett Actor Water,Ex.2.17 甲 申 Follow Resource Will_Arnett Wiki
Armie Hammer Actor Water,Ex.2.18 甲 辰 Follow Resource Armie_Hammer Wiki
Francois Hollande President Water,Ex.3.01 庚 子 Follow Output Fran%C3%A7ois_Hollande Wiki
Harry Reasoner Journalist Water,Ex.3.02 庚 申 Follow Output Harry_Reasoner Wiki
Christina Onassis Businesswoman Water,Ex.3.03 庚 辰 Follow Output Christina_Onassis Wiki
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins Singer Water,Ex.3.04 庚 申 Follow Output Adele Wiki
Kirk Douglas Actor Water,Ex.3.05 庚 辰 Follow Output Kirk_Douglas Wiki
George Foreman Sportsman Water,Ex.3.06 庚 子 Follow Output George_Foreman Wiki
Robin Soderling Sportsman Water,Ex.3.07 庚 辰 Follow Output Robin_S%C3%B6derling Wiki
Bradley Wiggins Sportsman Water,Ex.3.08 辛 未 Follow Output Bradley_Wiggins Wiki
Ronnie Spector Singer Water,Ex.3.09 庚 子 Follow Output Ronnie_Spector Wiki
Suzanne Collins Scriptwriter Water,Ex.3.10 庚 辰 Follow Output Suzanne_Collins Wiki
Alexander Mcall Smith Author Water,Ex.3.11 辛 巳 Follow Output Alexander_McCall_Smith Wiki
Robert Duvall Actor Water,Ex.3.12 庚 申 Follow Output Robert_Duvall Wiki
Slobodan Milosevic President Water,Ex.3.13 庚 子 Follow Output Slobodan_Milo%C5%A1evi%C4%87 Wiki
Gene Kelly Actor Water,Ex.3.14 辛 未 Follow Output Gene_Kelly Wiki
Eric Bana Actor Water,Ex.3.15 辛 亥 Follow Output Eric_Bana Wiki
Conrad Black Politician Water,Ex.3.16 辛 酉 Follow Output Conrad_Black Wiki
Rupert Grint Actor Water,Ex.3.17 辛 亥 Follow Output Rupert_Grint Wiki
Andrew Garfield Actor Water,Ex.3.18 庚 辰 Follow Output Andrew_Garfield Wiki
Dionne Warwick Singer Water,Ex.4.01 己 丑 Follow Wealth Dionne_Warwick Wiki
Jeffery Archer Author Water,Ex.4.02 戊 子 Follow Wealth Jeffrey_Archer Wiki
Chris Tucker Actor Water,Ex.4.03 戊 子 Follow Wealth Chris_Tucker Wiki
A.S. Byatt Writer Water,Ex.4.04 戊 寅 Follow Wealth A._S._Byatt Wiki
David Gates Singer Water,Ex.4.05 戊 子 Follow Wealth David_Gates Wiki
Nigel Kennedy Musician Water,Ex.4.06 己 巳 Follow Wealth Nigel_Kennedy Wiki
Channing Tatum Actor Water,Ex.4.07 己 巳 Follow Wealth Channing_Tatum Wiki
Uri Geller Other Water,Ex.4.08 戊 辰 Follow Wealth Uri_Geller Wiki
Patricia Arquette Actress Water,Ex.4.09 戊 申 Follow Wealth Patricia_Arquette Wiki
Stephen Fry Actor Water,Ex.4.10 戊 辰 Follow Wealth Stephen_Fry Wiki
Ray Liotta Actor Water,Ex.4.11 戊 申 Follow Wealth Ray_Liotta Wiki
Ayrton Senna Sportsman Water,Ex.4.12 戊 申 Follow Wealth Ayrton_Senna Wiki
Michael Schumacher Sportsman Water,Ex.4.13 戊 寅 Follow Wealth Michael_Schumacher Wiki
Doug Fieger Singer Water,Ex.4.14 戊 戌 Follow Wealth Doug_Fieger Wiki
Demi Lovato Singer Water,Ex.4.15 戊 辰 Follow Wealth Demi_Lovato Wiki
Ahley Judd Actress Water,Ex.4.16 己 未 Follow Wealth Ashley_Judd Wiki
Mark Zuckerberg Entrepreneur Water,Ex.4.17 戊 申 Follow Wealth Mark_Zuckerberg Wiki
Alexander O'Loughlin Actor Water,Ex.4.18 戊 申 Follow Wealth Alex_O%27Loughlin Wiki
Michele Pfeiffer Actress Water,Ex.5.01 丙 子 Follow Power Michelle_Pfeiffer Wiki
Guillaume Canet Actor Water,Ex.5.02 丙 子 Follow Power Guillaume_Canet Wiki
Christy Turlington Other Water,Ex.5.03 丁 丑 Follow Power Christy_Turlington Wiki
Sean Penn Actor Water,Ex.5.04 丁 丑 Follow Power Sean_Penn Wiki
Diane Lane Actress Water,Ex.5.05 丙 子 Follow Power Diane_Lane Wiki
Anthony Weiner Politician Water,Ex.5.06 丙 辰 Follow Power Anthony_Weiner Wiki
Matt Lauer Journalist Water,Ex.5.07 丙 子 Follow Power Matt_Lauer Wiki
Til Schweiger Actor Water,Ex.5.08 丙 申 Follow Power Til_Schweiger Wiki
Conchita Martinez Sportsman Water,Ex.5.09 丁 丑 Follow Power Conchita_Mart%C3%Adnez Wiki
Peter MacNicol Actor Water,Ex.5.10 丙 申 Follow Power Peter_MacNicol Wiki
Amanda Seyfried Actress Water,Ex.5.11 丙 子 Follow Power Amanda_Seyfried Wiki
Paul Davis Singer Water,Ex.5.12 丙 子 Follow Power Paul_Davis_(singer) Wiki
Rajiv Gandhi Politician Water,Ex.5.13 丙 辰 Follow Power Rajiv_Gandhi Wiki
James Herbert Writer Water,Ex.5.14 丙 申 Follow Power James_Herbert Wiki
Tony Richardson Director Water,Ex.5.15 丙 子 Follow Power Tony_Richardson Wiki
Paula Yates Presenter Water,Ex.5.16 丙 子 Follow Power Paula_Yates Wiki
Steve Fossett Businessman Water,Ex.5.17 丙 辰 Follow Power Steve_Fossett Wiki
Jonathan Demme Other Water,Ex.5.18 丙 辰 Follow Power Jonathan_Demme Wiki
Brad Garrett Actor Water,Ex.6.01 壬 申 Dominant Water Brad_Garrett Wiki
Christopher Plummer Actor Water,Ex.6.02 壬 辰 Dominant Water Christopher_Plummer Wiki
Charlie Cox Actor Water,Ex.6.03 壬 申 Dominant Water Charlie_Cox Wiki
Andy Samberg Actor Water,Ex.6.04 壬 子 Dominant Water Andy_Samberg Wiki
Vanessa Hudgens Actress Water,Ex.6.05 癸 卯 Dominant Water Vanessa_Hudgens Wiki
Audrey Tautou Actress Water,Ex.6.06 癸 巳 Dominant Water Audrey_Tautou Wiki
Severina Kojić Singer Water,Ex.6.07 壬 午 Dominant Water Severina_(singer) Wiki
Bratrice Dalle Actress Water,Ex.6.08 壬 寅 Dominant Water B%C3%A9atrice_Dalle Wiki
Evan Ross Actor Water,Ex.6.09 癸 丑 Dominant Water Evan_Ross Wiki
Scott Turow Author Water,Ex.6.10 壬 申 Dominant Water Scott_Turow Wiki
Tom Ford Other Water,Ex.6.11 壬 辰 Dominant Water Tom_Ford Wiki
Brian Ritchie Musician Water,Ex.6.12 癸 丑 Dominant Water Brian_Ritchie Wiki
Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq President Water,Ex.6.13 癸 亥 Dominant Water Muhammad_Zia-ul-Haq Wiki
Michael Dauglas Actor Water,Ex.6.14 壬 辰 Dominant Water Michael_Douglas Wiki
Peter Gallagher Actor Water,Ex.6.15 壬 子 Dominant Water Peter_Gallagher Wiki
Regis Philbin Presenter Water,Ex.6.16 壬 子 Dominant Water Regis_Philbin Wiki
Mica Paris Singer Water,Ex.6.17 壬 申 Dominant Water Mica_Paris Wiki
Prince Nikolai of Denmark Other Water,Ex.6.18 壬 子 Dominant Water Prince_Nikolai_of_Denmark Wiki
Kim Basinger Actress Water,Ex.7.01 癸 巳 Competitive Water Kim_Basinger Wiki
John Abraham Actor Water,Ex.7.02 壬 午 Competitive Water John_Abraham Wiki
Kier Dullea Actor Water,Ex.7.03 壬 子 Competitive Water Keir_Dullea Wiki
Fred Durst Musician Water,Ex.7.04 壬 申 Competitive Water Fred_Durst Wiki
Bill Pullman Actor Water,Ex.7.05 壬 寅 Competitive Water Bill_Pullman Wiki
Kim Beazley Politician Water,Ex.7.06 癸 酉 Competitive Water Kim_Beazley Wiki
Noah Taylor Actor Water,Ex.7.07 壬 午 Competitive Water Noah_Taylor Wiki
Pope Francis Pope Water,Ex.7.08 癸 酉 Competitive Water Pope_Francis Wiki
Elvis Costello Musician Water,Ex.7.09 癸 丑 Competitive Water Elvis_Costello Wiki
Larry Kramer Other Water,Ex.7.10 壬 申 Competitive Water Larry_Kramer Wiki
Sophie Okenedo Actress Water,Ex.7.11 癸 丑 Competitive Water Sophie_Okonedo Wiki
Kerry Katona Singer Water,Ex.7.12 壬 午 Competitive Water Kerry_Katona Wiki
Patrick Rafter Sportsman Water,Ex.7.13 癸 巳 Competitive Water Pat_Rafter Wiki
Rich Cronin Singer Water,Ex.7.14 癸 卯 Competitive Water Rich_Cronin Wiki
E. Lynn Harris Author Water,Ex.7.15 壬 子 Competitive Water E._Lynn_Harris Wiki
Phil Hartman Actor Water,Ex.7.16 壬 子 Competitive Water Phil_Hartman Wiki
James Bay Singer Water,Ex.7.17 壬 申 Competitive Water James_Bay_(singer) Wiki
Hailee Steinfeld Actress Water,Ex.7.18 壬 午 Competitive Water Hailee_Steinfeld Wiki
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Metal Charts
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Dolly Parton Singer Metal,Ex.2.01 癸 巳 Follow Resource Dolly_Parton Wiki
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Fire Charts
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Martina Navratilova Sportswoman Fire,Ex.2.01 戊 午 Follow Resource Martina_Navratilova Wiki
Boy George Singer Fire,Ex.2.02 戊 寅 Follow Resource Boy_George Wiki
Tom Hiddleston Actor Fire,Ex.2.03 癸 巳 Follow Resource Tom_Hiddleston Wiki
Snoop Dogg Musician Fire,Ex.2.04 戊 寅 Follow Resource Snoop_Dogg Wiki
Derek Jeter Sportsman Fire,Ex.2.05 戊 戌 Follow Resource Derek_Jeter Wiki
Paolo Nutini Singer Fire,Ex.2.06 戊 午 Follow Resource Paolo_Nutini Wiki
Jai Courtney Actor Fire,Ex.2.07 戊 午 Follow Resource Jai_Courtney Wiki
Penn Badgley Actor Fire,Ex.2.08 己 酉 Follow Resource Penn_Badgley Wiki
David Williamson Playwright Fire,Ex.2.09 戊 申 Follow Resource David_Williamson Wiki
David Roth Singer Fire,Ex.2.10 己 亥 Follow Resource David_Lee_Roth Wiki
Matthew Broderick Actor Fire,Ex.2.11 戊 午 Follow Resource Matthew_Broderick Wiki
Will Forte Actor Fire,Ex.2.12 戊 辰 Follow Resource Will_Forte Wiki
Natalie Portman Actress Fire,Ex.2.13 戊 午 Follow Resource Natalie_Portman Wiki
John Cusack Actor Fire,Ex.2.14 戊 午 Follow Resource John_Cusack Wiki
Mary Stuart Actress Fire,Ex.2.15 戊 午 Follow Resource Mary_Stuart_Masterson Wiki
John Candy Actor Fire,Ex.2.16 己 亥 Follow Resource John_Candy Wiki
Michael Jackson Singer Fire,Ex.2.17 戊 寅 Follow Resource Michael_Jackson Wiki
Jack O'Connell Actor Fire,Ex.2.18 戊 戌 Follow Resource Jack_O%27Connell_(actor) Wiki
Simon Pegg Actor Fire,Ex.3.01 乙 丑 Follow Output Simon_Pegg Wiki
Dieter Bohlen Singer Fire,Ex.3.02 甲 午 Follow Output Dieter_Bohlen Wiki
Pete Waterman Producer Fire,Ex.3.03 甲 午 Follow Output Pete_Waterman Wiki
Jay McInerney Writer Fire,Ex.3.04 甲 戌 Follow Output Jay_McInerney Wiki
Daniel Wu Actor Fire,Ex.3.05 甲 戌 Follow Output Daniel_Wu Wiki
Jennifer Leight Actress Fire,Ex.3.06 甲 戌 Follow Output Jennifer_Jason_Leigh Wiki
Per Gessle Singer Fire,Ex.3.07 甲 午 Follow Output Per_Gessle Wiki
Michael Mann Filmmaker Fire,Ex.3.08 甲 午 Follow Output Michael_Mann Wiki
Brian Wilson Musician Fire,Ex.3.09 甲 辰 Follow Output Brian_Wilson Wiki
Tim Allen Actor Fire,Ex.3.10 乙 未 Follow Output Tim_Allen Wiki
Kiefer Sutherland Actor Fire,Ex.3.11 甲 寅 Follow Output Kiefer_Sutherland Wiki
Rene Russo Actress Fire,Ex.3.12 甲 辰 Follow Output Rene_Russo Wiki
John Travolta Actor Fire,Ex.3.13 乙 巳 Follow Output John_Travolta Wiki
Condoleezza Rice Politician Fire,Ex.3.14 甲 戌 Follow Output Condoleezza_Rice Wiki
Chris Farley Actor Fire,Ex.3.15 甲 午 Follow Output Chris_Farley Wiki
Erich Segal Writer Fire,Ex.3.16 甲 戌 Follow Output Erich_Segal Wiki
Cory Monteith Actor Fire,Ex.3.17 甲 午 Follow Output Cory_Monteith Wiki
Aloe Blacc Singer Fire,Ex.3.18 甲 戌 Follow Output Aloe_Blacc Wiki
Joaquin Phoenix Actor Fire,Ex.4.01 壬 寅 Follow Wealth Joaquin_Phoenix Wiki
Joan Cusack Actress Fire,Ex.4.02 壬 午 Follow Wealth Joan_Cusack Wiki
Jay Hernandez Actor Fire,Ex.4.03 癸 丑 Follow Wealth Jay_Hernandez Wiki
Lauren Ambrose Actress Fire,Ex.4.04 癸 丑 Follow Wealth Lauren_Ambrose Wiki
Gwendoline christie Actress Fire,Ex.4.05 癸 亥 Follow Wealth Gwendoline_Christie Wiki
Aziz Ansari Actor Fire,Ex.4.06 壬 午 Follow Wealth Aziz_Ansari Wiki
Emily Blunt Actress Fire,Ex.4.07 壬 午 Follow Wealth Emily_Blunt Wiki
Nicole Scherzinger Singer Fire,Ex.4.08 壬 戌 Follow Wealth Nicole_Scherzinger Wiki
Matthew Groening Artist Fire,Ex.4.09 壬 寅 Follow Wealth Matt_Groening Wiki
Ally Sheedy Actress Fire,Ex.4.10 壬 午 Follow Wealth Ally_Sheedy Wiki
Vanessa Mae Musician Fire,Ex.4.11 壬 戌 Follow Wealth Vanessa-Mae Wiki
Dustin Black Scriptwriter Fire,Ex.4.12 壬 午 Follow Wealth Dustin_Lance_Black Wiki
Iggy Azalea Musician Fire,Ex.4.13 癸 卯 Follow Wealth Iggy_Azalea Wiki
Tim Finn Singer Fire,Ex.4.14 壬 寅 Follow Wealth Tim_Finn Wiki
Ang Lee Director Fire,Ex.4.15 壬 子 Follow Wealth Ang_Lee Wiki
Sydney Pollack Director Fire,Ex.4.16 癸 酉 Follow Wealth Sydney_Pollack Wiki
Pete Postlethwaite Actor Fire,Ex.4.17 壬 子 Follow Wealth Pete_Postlethwaite Wiki
Sam Claflin Actor Fire,Ex.4.18 壬 寅 Follow Wealth Sam_Claflin Wiki
Huey Lewis Musician Fire,Ex.5.01 辛 丑 Follow Power Huey_Lewis Wiki
Bernard Tomic Sportsman Fire,Ex.5.02 庚 午 Follow Power Bernard_Tomic Wiki
Matthew MacFayden Actor Fire,Ex.5.03 辛 卯 Follow Power Matthew_Macfadyen Wiki
John Landis Director Fire,Ex.5.04 庚 午 Follow Power John_Landis Wiki
Rahul Gandhi Politician Fire,Ex.5.05 庚 午 Follow Power Rahul_Gandhi Wiki
Jon Favreau Actor Fire,Ex.5.06 辛 亥 Follow Power Jon_Favreau Wiki
Kim Novak Actress Fire,Ex.5.07 庚 戌 Follow Power Kim_Novak Wiki
David Geffen Entrepreneur Fire,Ex.5.08 庚 戌 Follow Power David_Geffen Wiki
Charlotte Rampling Actress Fire,Ex.5.09 庚 戌 Follow Power Charlotte_Rampling Wiki
Bruce Campbell Actor Fire,Ex.5.10 庚 午 Follow Power Bruce_Campbell Wiki
Gena Rowlands Actress Fire,Ex.5.11 庚 子 Follow Power Gena_Rowlands Wiki
Phil Collins Singer Fire,Ex.5.12 庚 午 Follow Power Phil_Collins Wiki
Sarah Ferguson Duchess Fire,Ex.5.13 庚 午 Follow Power Sarah,_Duchess_of_York Wiki
Andy Gibb Singer Fire,Ex.5.14 辛 巳 Follow Power Andy_Gibb Wiki
Laura Branigan Singer Fire,Ex.5.15 庚 戌 Follow Power Laura_Branigan Wiki
Demis Roussos Singer Fire,Ex.5.16 庚 申 Follow Power Demis_Roussos Wiki
Peter Yates Director Fire,Ex.5.17 庚 午 Follow Power Peter_Yates Wiki
Aubrey Graham Singer Fire,Ex.5.18 辛 丑 Follow Power Drake_(musician) Wiki
Shia LaBeouf Actor Fire,Ex.6.01 丙 戌 Dominant Fire Shia_LaBeouf Wiki
Leah Remini Actress Fire,Ex.6.02 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Leah_Remini Wiki
Frances McDormand Actress Fire,Ex.6.03 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Frances_McDormand Wiki
Ron Howard Actor Fire,Ex.6.04 丙 辰 Dominant Fire Ron_Howard Wiki
Chris O'Donnell Actor Fire,Ex.6.05 丁 丑 Dominant Fire Chris_O%27Donnell Wiki
Helen Reddy Singer Fire,Ex.6.06 丙 午 Dominant Fire Helen_Reddy Wiki
Cary Elwes Actor Fire,Ex.6.07 丁 酉 Dominant Fire Cary_Elwes Wiki
Belinda Carlisle Singer Fire,Ex.6.08 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Belinda_Carlisle Wiki
Jane Swymour Actress Fire,Ex.6.09 丙 戌 Dominant Fire Jane_Seymour_(actress) Wiki
Tim Robbins Actor Fire,Ex.6.10 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Tim_Robbins Wiki
Roman Abramovich Businessman Fire,Ex.6.11 丙 辰 Dominant Fire Roman_Abramovich Wiki
Rick Astley Singer Fire,Ex.6.12 丙 申 Dominant Fire Rick_Astley Wiki
Vincent Cassel Actor Fire,Ex.6.13 丙 戌 Dominant Fire Vincent_Cassel Wiki
Joe McElderry Singer Fire,Ex.6.14 丁 巳 Dominant Fire Joe_McElderry Wiki
Terry Fox Sportsman Fire,Ex.6.15 丙 午 Dominant Fire Terry_Fox Wiki
Alan Rickman Actor Fire,Ex.6.16 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Alan_Rickman Wiki
Ava Gardner Actress Fire,Ex.6.17 丙 寅 Dominant Fire Ava_Gardner Wiki
Cornell Haynes Jr. Musician Fire,Ex.6.18 丁 未 Dominant Fire Nelly Wiki
Kathleen Turner Actress Fire,Ex.7.01 丙 午 Competitive Fire Kathleen_Turner Wiki
Ethan Embry Actor Fire,Ex.7.02 丙 午 Competitive Fire Ethan_Embry Wiki
Dany Boon Actor Fire,Ex.7.03 丙 辰 Competitive Fire Dany_Boon Wiki
Diablo Cody Writer Fire,Ex.7.04 丁 未 Competitive Fire Diablo_Cody Wiki
Jeffrey Abrams Writer Fire,Ex.7.05 丁 巳 Competitive Fire J._J._Abrams Wiki
Kendrick Lamar Musician Fire,Ex.7.06 丁 酉 Competitive Fire Kendrick_Lamar Wiki
Leo Sayer Singer Fire,Ex.7.07 丙 午 Competitive Fire Leo_Sayer Wiki
Rebecca Ferguson Singer Fire,Ex.7.08 丙 寅 Competitive Fire Rebecca_Ferguson Wiki
Charlotte Church Singer Fire,Ex.7.09 丙 申 Competitive Fire Charlotte_Church Wiki
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actor Fire,Ex.7.10 丙 寅 Competitive Fire Joseph_Gordon-Levitt Wiki
Paris Hilton Businesswoman Fire,Ex.7.11 丙 寅 Competitive Fire Paris_Hilton Wiki
Yingluck Shinawartra Prime Minister Fire,Ex.7.12 丙 辰 Competitive Fire Yingluck_Shinawatra Wiki
Barry Manilow Singer Fire,Ex.7.13 丙 午 Competitive Fire Barry_Manilow Wiki
Frances O'Connor Actress Fire,Ex.7.14 丁 未 Competitive Fire Frances_O%27Connor Wiki
John Goodman Actor Fire,Ex.7.15 丁 酉 Competitive Fire John_Goodman Wiki
Blake Lively Actress Fire,Ex.7.16 丙 午 Competitive Fire Blake_Lively Wiki
Sandra Dee Actress Fire,Ex.7.17 丙 午 Competitive Fire Sandra_Dee Wiki
Kate Upton Model Fire,Ex.7.18 丁 巳 Competitive Fire Kate_Upton Wiki
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Wood Charts
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Glenn Close Actress Wood,Ex.2.01 丁 酉 Follow Resource Glenn_Close Wiki
Chris Daughtry Singer Wood,Ex.2.02 丁 卯 Follow Resource Chris_Daughtry Wiki
Damien Lewis Actor Wood,Ex.2.03 丁 卯 Follow Resource Damian_Lewis Wiki
Renny Harlin Filmmaker Wood,Ex.2.04 丙 申 Follow Resource Renny_Harlin Wiki
Dame Thompson Actress Wood,Ex.2.05 丁 卯 Follow Resource Emma_Thompson Wiki
Neil Tennant Singer Wood,Ex.2.06 丁 卯 Follow Resource Neil_Tennant Wiki
Joel Kinnaman Actor Wood,Ex.2.07 丙 申 Follow Resource Joel_Kinnaman Wiki
Delta Goodrem Singer Wood,Ex.2.08 丁 未 Follow Resource Delta_Goodrem Wiki
David Duchovny Actor Wood,Ex.2.09 丁 卯 Follow Resource David_Duchovny Wiki
Demian Cbichir Actor Wood,Ex.2.10 丙 子 Follow Resource Demi%C3%A1n_Bichir Wiki
Gary Sinise Actor Wood,Ex.2.11 丁 丑 Follow Resource Gary_Sinise Wiki
Charlotte Gainsbourg Actress Wood,Ex.2.12 丁 未 Follow Resource Charlotte_Gainsbourg Wiki
Bret Michaels Musician Wood,Ex.2.13 丁 巳 Follow Resource Bret_Michaels Wiki
Shannen Doherty Actress Wood,Ex.2.14 丁 卯 Follow Resource Shannen_Doherty Wiki
Isabel Allende Writer Wood,Ex.2.15 丁 亥 Follow Resource Isabel_Allende Wiki
Harrison Ford Actor Wood,Ex.2.16 己 亥 Follow Resource Harrison_Ford Wiki
Humphrey Bogart Actor Wood,Ex.2.17 丁 卯 Follow Resource Humphrey_Bogart Wiki
DJ Khaled Disc Jockey Wood,Ex.2.18 丙 子 Follow Resource DJ_Khaled Wiki
Rachel Mc Adams Actress Wood,Ex.3.01 癸 未 Follow Output Rachel_McAdams Wiki
David Essex Singer Wood,Ex.3.02 癸 卯 Follow Output David_Essex Wiki
Chloe Sevigny Actress Wood,Ex.3.03 辛 丑 Follow Output Chlo%C3%AB_Sevigny Wiki
Jamie Curtis Actress Wood,Ex.3.04 癸 卯 Follow Output Jamie_Lee_Curtis Wiki
Lena Olin Actress Wood,Ex.3.05 壬 午 Follow Output Lena_Olin Wiki
Jeroen Krabbe Filmmaker Wood,Ex.3.06 癸 卯 Follow Output Jeroen_Krabb%C3%A9 Wiki
Jim Kerr Singer Wood,Ex.3.07 壬 辰 Follow Output Jim_Kerr Wiki
Jane Lynch Actress Wood,Ex.3.08 癸 卯 Follow Output Jane_Lynch Wiki
Piers Morgan Journalist Wood,Ex.3.09 癸 未 Follow Output Piers_Morgan Wiki
Don Henley Singer Wood,Ex.3.10 壬 寅 Follow Output Don_Henley Wiki
Matthew Modine Actor Wood,Ex.3.11 癸 卯 Follow Output Matthew_Modine Wiki
Francois Ozon Filmmaker Wood,Ex.3.12 癸 未 Follow Output Fran%C3%A7ois_Ozon Wiki
Chris Rea Singer Wood,Ex.3.13 癸 卯 Follow Output Chris_Rea Wiki
David Mamet Playwright Wood,Ex.3.14 癸 丑 Follow Output David_Mamet Wiki
Sania Mirza Sportsman Wood,Ex.3.15 癸 亥 Follow Output Sania_Mirza Wiki
Miranda Lambert Singer Wood,Ex.3.16 壬 寅 Follow Output Miranda_Lambert Wiki
Sonny Bono Singer Wood,Ex.3.17 癸 亥 Follow Output Sonny_Bono Wiki
Miley Cyrus Singer Wood,Ex.3.18 癸 卯 Follow Output Miley_Cyrus Wiki
Jason Statham Actor Wood,Ex.4.01 辛 卯 Follow Wealth Jason_Statham Wiki
Lady Gaga Singer Wood,Ex.4.02 辛 未 Follow Wealth Lady_Gaga Wiki
Dierks Bentley Singer Wood,Ex.4.03 庚 午 Follow Wealth Dierks_Bentley Wiki
Peter Sarsgaard Actor Wood,Ex.4.04 辛 卯 Follow Wealth Peter_Sarsgaard Wiki
Christopher Nolan Filmmaker Wood,Ex.4.05 辛 亥 Follow Wealth Christopher_Nolan Wiki
Chris Cooper Actor Wood,Ex.4.06 庚 戌 Follow Wealth Chris_Cooper Wiki
Boris Becker Sportsman Wood,Ex.4.07 庚 寅 Follow Wealth Boris_Becker Wiki
Mark Ruffalo Actor Wood,Ex.4.08 庚 寅 Follow Wealth Mark_Ruffalo Wiki
Donnie Yen Actor Wood,Ex.4.09 辛 未 Follow Wealth Donnie_Yen Wiki
Joss Stone Singer Wood,Ex.4.10 庚 寅 Follow Wealth Joss_Stone Wiki
Brooklyn Decker Actress Wood,Ex.4.11 辛 卯 Follow Wealth Brooklyn_Decker Wiki
Vanessa Wiliams Actress Wood,Ex.4.12 庚 申 Follow Wealth Vanessa_Williams Wiki
Eva Longoria Actress Wood,Ex.4.13 庚 申 Follow Wealth Eva_Longoria Wiki
William Adams Singer Wood,Ex.4.14 庚 申 Follow Wealth Wiki
Neil LaBute Filmmaker Wood,Ex.4.15 辛 酉 Follow Wealth Neil_LaBute Wiki
Mindy Mc Cready Singer Wood,Ex.4.16 庚 辰 Follow Wealth Mindy_McCready Wiki
Raul Julia Actor Wood,Ex.4.17 辛 亥 Follow Wealth Raul_Julia Wiki
Chris Hemsworth Actor Wood,Ex.4.18 辛 未 Follow Wealth Chris_Hemsworth Wiki
Bruce Willis Actor Wood,Ex.5.01 己 卯 Follow Power Bruce_Willis Wiki
Wolfgang Puck Chef Wood,Ex.5.02 己 亥 Follow Power Wolfgang_Puck Wiki
Paul Anka Singer Wood,Ex.5.03 己 卯 Follow Power Paul_Anka Wiki
Ana Ivanovic Sportswoman Wood,Ex.5.04 己 未 Follow Power Ana_Ivanovic Wiki
Marat Safin Sportsman Wood,Ex.5.05 己 亥 Follow Power Marat_Safin Wiki
Billy Crudup Actor Wood,Ex.5.06 己 卯 Follow Power Billy_Crudup Wiki
Rick Yune Actor Wood,Ex.5.07 己 卯 Follow Power Rick_Yune Wiki
George Benson Singer Wood,Ex.5.08 己 卯 Follow Power George_Benson Wiki
Freddie Prinze Actor Wood,Ex.5.09 己 未 Follow Power Freddie_Prinze Wiki
Mathieu Kassovitz Filmmaker Wood,Ex.5.10 己 亥 Follow Power Mathieu_Kassovitz Wiki
Luc Besson Filmmaker Wood,Ex.5.11 己 亥 Follow Power Luc_Besson Wiki
Irene Cara Filmmaker Wood,Ex.5.12 己 丑 Follow Power Irene_Cara Wiki
Peter Doherty Singer Wood,Ex.5.13 戊 寅 Follow Power Pete_Doherty Wiki
Peter Bogdanovich Filmmaker Wood,Ex.5.14 戊 辰 Follow Power Peter_Bogdanovich Wiki
Tracy Chapman Singer Wood,Ex.5.15 戊 寅 Follow Power Tracy_Chapman Wiki
Nat Cole Musician Wood,Ex.5.16 戊 辰 Follow Power Nat_King_Cole Wiki
George Michael Singer Wood,Ex.5.17 己 亥 Follow Power George_Michael Wiki
Selena Gomez Actress Wood,Ex.5.18 己 亥 Follow Power Selena_Gomez Wiki
Adam Levine Singer Wood,Ex.6.01 甲 申 Dominant Wood Adam_Levine Wiki
Jonny Knoxville Actor Wood,Ex.6.02 乙 未 Dominant Wood Johnny_Knoxville Wiki
Suzane Vega Singer Wood,Ex.6.03 甲 午 Dominant Wood Suzanne_Vega Wiki
Norman Cook Musician Wood,Ex.6.04 乙 亥 Dominant Wood Fatboy_Slim Wiki
Oscar Isaac Actor Wood,Ex.6.05 乙 亥 Dominant Wood Oscar_Isaac Wiki
Greta Gerwig Actress Wood,Ex.6.06 甲 子 Dominant Wood Greta_Gerwig Wiki
Billy Idol Singer Wood,Ex.6.07 乙 未 Dominant Wood Billy_Idol Wiki
Lisa Bonet Actress Wood,Ex.6.08 甲 申 Dominant Wood Lisa_Bonet Wiki
David Pierce Actor Wood,Ex.6.09 乙 卯 Dominant Wood David_Hyde_Pierce Wiki
Jonny Hamm Actor Wood,Ex.6.10 甲 午 Dominant Wood Jon_Hamm Wiki
Kenny Chesney Singer Wood,Ex.6.11 乙 未 Dominant Wood Kenny_Chesney Wiki
Billie King Sportsman Wood,Ex.6.12 甲 申 Dominant Wood Billie_Jean_King Wiki
Michelle Rodriguez Actress Wood,Ex.6.13 乙 亥 Dominant Wood Michelle_Rodriguez Wiki
Topher Grace Actor Wood,Ex.6.14 乙 亥 Dominant Wood Topher_Grace Wiki
Taylor Dayne Singer Wood,Ex.6.15 甲 辰 Dominant Wood Taylor_Dayne Wiki
Anthony Perkins Actor Wood,Ex.6.16 乙 未 Dominant Wood Anthony_Perkins Wiki
Kurt Cobain Singer Wood,Ex.6.17 乙 卯 Dominant Wood Kurt_Cobain Wiki
Rita Ora Singer Wood,Ex.6.18 乙 未 Dominant Wood Rita_Ora Wiki
Steve Martin Actor Wood,Ex.7.01 乙 卯 Competitive Wood Steve_Martin Wiki
Christina Applegate Actress Wood,Ex.7.02 甲 寅 Competitive Wood Christina_Applegate Wiki
Andy Grammer Singer Wood,Ex.7.03 乙 丑 Competitive Wood Andy_Grammer Wiki
Sarah Polley Filmmaker Wood,Ex.7.04 乙 亥 Competitive Wood Sarah_Polley Wiki
Richard Krajicek Sportsman Wood,Ex.7.05 乙 丑 Competitive Wood Richard_Krajicek Wiki
Mark Andrews Singer Wood,Ex.7.06 乙 亥 Competitive Wood Sisq%C3%B3 Wiki
Allison Janney Actress Wood,Ex.7.07 乙 巳 Competitive Wood Allison_Janney Wiki
Judd Nelson Actor Wood,Ex.7.08 甲 寅 Competitive Wood Judd_Nelson Wiki
Mark Mc Grath Singer Wood,Ex.7.09 甲 申 Competitive Wood Mark_McGrath Wiki
Rhea Perlman Actress Wood,Ex.7.10 乙 卯 Competitive Wood Rhea_Perlman Wiki
Janelle Moane Singer Wood,Ex.7.11 甲 戌 Competitive Wood Janelle_Mon%C3%A1e Wiki
Jack Johnson Singer Wood,Ex.7.12 甲 子 Competitive Wood Jack_Johnson_(boxer) Wiki
Jay Mohr Actor Wood,Ex.7.13 乙 亥 Competitive Wood Jay_Mohr Wiki
Gemma Atkinson Actress Wood,Ex.7.14 甲 寅 Competitive Wood Gemma_Atkinson Wiki
Kris Kristofferson Actor Wood,Ex.7.15 乙 亥 Competitive Wood Kris_Kristofferson Wiki
Linda Evans Actress Wood,Ex.7.16 乙 亥 Competitive Wood Linda_Evans Wiki
Bette Midler Singer Wood,Ex.7.17 甲 辰 Competitive Wood Bette_Midler Wiki
Taron Egerton Actor Wood,Ex.7.18 甲 戌 Competitive Wood Taron_Egerton Wiki
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Exploring Earth Charts
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Jessica Lange Actress Earth,Ex.2.01 庚 辰 Follow Resource Jessica_Lange Wiki
Dr. Jin Peh - Four Pillars of Destiny, Understanding the 60 Personalities
Full Name Occupation Reference Day Pillar Tags Ba Zi - Four Pillars Of Destiny Wiki
Gerry Adams Politician 甲子,Ex.1.01.01 甲 子 Gerry_Adams Wiki
Benny Andersson Musician 甲子,Ex.1.01.02 甲 子 Benny_Andersson Wiki
Rosanna Arquette Actress 甲子,Ex.1.01.03 甲 子 Rosanna_Arquette Wiki
Tony Bennett Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.04 甲 子 Tony_Bennett Wiki
Susan Boyle Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.05 甲 子 Susan_Boyle Wiki
Jackie Collins Writer 甲子,Ex.1.01.06 甲 子 Jackie_Collins Wiki
Scott Eastwood Actor 甲子,Ex.1.01.07 甲 子 Scott_Eastwood Wiki
Linda Evangelista Model 甲子,Ex.1.01.08 甲 子 Linda_Evangelista Wiki
Laurence Fishburne Actor 甲子,Ex.1.01.09 甲 子 Laurence_Fishburne Wiki
Calista Flockhart Actress 甲子,Ex.1.01.10 甲 子 Calista_Flockhart Wiki
Greta Gerwig Actress 甲子,Ex.1.01.11 甲 子 Greta_Gerwig Wiki
David Hasselhoff Actor 甲子,Ex.1.01.12 甲 子 David_Hasselhoff Wiki
Salma Hayek Actress 甲子,Ex.1.01.13 甲 子 Salma_Hayek Wiki
Chris Isaak Musician 甲子,Ex.1.01.14 甲 子 Chris_Isaak Wiki
Carly Rae Jepsen Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.15 甲 子 Carly_Rae_Jepsen Wiki
Jewel Kilcher Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.16 甲 子 Jewel_(singer) Wiki
Keira Knightley Actress 甲子,Ex.1.01.17 甲 子 Keira_Knightley Wiki
Avril Lavigne Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.18 甲 子 Avril_Lavigne Wiki
Hugh Laurie Actor 甲子,Ex.1.01.19 甲 子 Hugh_Laurie Wiki
John Legend Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.20 甲 子 John_Legend Wiki
Sir Cameron Mackintosh Producer 甲子,Ex.1.01.21 甲 子 Cameron_Mackintosh Wiki
Rory McIlroy Sportsman 甲子,Ex.1.01.22 甲 子 Rory_McIlroy Wiki
Sir Andy Murray Sportsman 甲子,Ex.1.01.23 甲 子 Andy_Murray Wiki
Corinne Bailey Rae Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.24 甲 子 Corinne_Bailey_Rae Wiki
Ryan Tedder Singer 甲子,Ex.1.01.25 甲 子 Ryan_Tedder Wiki
Bjorn Ulvaeus Producer 甲子,Ex.1.01.26 甲 子 Bj%C3%B6rn_Ulvaeus Wiki
Harvey Weinstein Producer 甲子,Ex.1.01.27 甲 子 Harvey_Weinstein Wiki
Tim Winton Writer 甲子,Ex.1.01.28 甲 子 Tim_Winton Wiki

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